Automated Test and Measurement Systems

What We Do

Prolucid helps customers design, develop, and deploy automated test and measurement systems, including performance and design validation, hardware in the loop simulation, quality assurance, and end-of-line production testing.

Embedded FPGA & Low Power

Deploy data acquisition and processing to low power embedded targets, including FPGA and real-time processors.

High-Speed & High-Performance

Integrate server or distributed computing, including cloud integration, to tackle high-speed and high-throughput applications.

Flexible Sensors & Instrumentation

Integrate a wide variety of sensor and instrumentation including temperature, pressure, flow, torque, sound & vibration, among others.

How It Works

Every application is different and Prolucid helps ensure that the right data acquisition hardware, application software, component selection, and overall integration are completed to deliver a turnkey solution that works.

Hardware Design & Selection

We work with a wide variety of off-the-shelf data acquisition and control hardware, along with support for standard and custom industrial protocols to simplify system design and deployment.

Custom Application Development

Implement highly efficient, reliable, and upgradeable software that meets your specific test and measurement requirements.

Custom Analytics & Machine Learning

Enhance test and measurement capabilities with advanced analytics and machine learning integration that help increase performance over time.

Project Examples

Medical Component Test

Automated QA and Production Force and Displacement Tester

Automotive Pump Test

Automated Performance and Design Validation Oil Pump Test System

Throttle Body Tester

Automated End-of-Line Component Test

Get Started

We start by executing a discovery or proof of concept phase to better understand the customer and project requirements, and demonstrate potential hardware and software solutions.

Included with this phase is a review of the recommended technology and approach, optional prototyping, and time and cost to complete.

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