Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

What We Do

We help customers deploy machine learning and advanced analytics on collected test, measurement, and inspection data to drive ongoing continuous improvements, making products and processes more intelligent over time.

Improved Yields & Throughput

Eliminate false rejects and reduce manual re-inspection through powerful defect detection and classification tools.

Simplified Support & Training

Train systems with existing collected data as opposed to custom development and configuration.

Enhanced Quality & Performance

Continuously learn from collected process data to ensure systems become more intelligent over time.

How It Works

Machine learning models are custom built for each application and data set, and overall model performance is always demonstrated prior to integration with the real-time process.

Data Collection & Classification

Use existing or new data to create training and validation data sets required for custom model generation.

Model Generation & Learning

Create and tune machine learning models using classified data sets, with offline validation of results prior to real-time integration.

Real-Time Process Integration

Integrate generated models into real-time inspection or test systems, to replace legacy inspection modules.

Project Examples

Advanced Vision Inspection

Enhanced Defect Classification and Model Training

Data Signature Analysis

Training and Detection of Sound & Vibration Signatures

Non-Destructive Data Analysis

Training and Classification of Complex Data Patterns

Get Started

We start each machine learning application with a discovery phase to better understand the customer and project requirements and demonstrate potential solutions.

Included with this phase is a review of the technology options, machine learning approach, and time and cost to complete.

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