Embedded Software Development

What We Do

Prolucid helps customers design, develop, and deploy embedded and FPGA applications, ranging from custom product development, to custom test and inspection, to custom simulation and control.

Embedded Product Development

Software commercialization support for embedded product development, including hardware platform selection, application design and architecture, through to integration and testing.

Embedded Test & Measurement

Build and deploy custom test & measurement applications utilizing National Instruments embedded & FPGA products to tackle high-speed and high-throughput requirements.

Embedded Control & Simulation

Create powerful simulation and control applications including hardware-in-the-loop, through to motion control and feedback.

How It Works

Every application is unique and Prolucid helps ensure that the right embedded hardware platform, custom embedded development, and overall integration are completed to deliver a solution that works.

Embedded Hardware Selection

We work with a wide variety of off-the-shelf embedded hardware platforms, including FPGA’s, microprocessors, and GPU’s and can help recommend the best approach as needed for the application.

Custom Embedded Development

Next we help implement highly efficient, reliable, and upgradeable embedded or real-time software designed specifically for the custom application requirements.

Integration and Testing

With each step of development, ongoing testing is performed to validate hardware and software integration in simulated environments through to final deployment.

Project Examples

Embedded Medical Device

Portable Real-Time/FPGA Blood Cell Image Analyzer

Hardware In-The-Loop Simulation

Simulation of Real-Time Train Communication and Signaling

Automated Vehicle Brake Control

High Speed Data Processing to Control Required Brake Pressure

Get Started

We start by executing a discovery or proof of concept phase to better understand the customer and project requirements, and demonstrate potential hardware and software solutions.

Included with this phase is a review of the recommended technology and approach, optional prototyping, and time and cost to complete.

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