Cloud Development and Managed Services

What We Do

Prolucid helps customers build and maintain secure Industrial IoT systems, including integration of edge devices with cloud & big data applications and infrastructure. We also provide tools and services to apply machine learning and advanced analytics to extract useful information from the collected big data, enabling enhanced intelligence.

Flexible Device Integration

Securely connect, manage, and integrate a wide variety of edge and gateway devices ranging from low power microprocessors, to high performance PC’s.

Custom Cloud Development

Accelerate custom cloud development with devicestream™, greatly reducing the time and cost to build your connected application.

Managed Services & Infrastructure

Save costs by letting Prolucid manage hosting, security, scalability, and maintenance including 24/7 support on both private or public infrastructure.

How It Works

Each cloud application is customized for the customer’s devices, data, analytics, and workflows, while eliminating the investment required to build and maintain a commercial grade, secure, and scalable cloud platform.

Device & Data Integration

This first step is to understand the devices and data that will be connected along with potential scale to ensure the solution will work now, and in the future as it grows.

Custom UI and Workflows

Next we need to understanding the workflow and user interface requirements to build intuitive easy to use custom web or mobile interfaces designed specifically with the end user in mind.

Analytics & Machine Learning

Finally, get more value from your data by deploying advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms that can execute in real-time.

Project Examples

Connected Medical

Cloud Connected MyndMove Medical Device Application

Connected Agriculture

Distributed Grain Storage Monitoring and Management

Connected Commercial

Distributed Water Monitoring and Management in Commercial Buildings

Get Started

We start by executing a discovery or proof of concept phase to better understand the customer and project requirements, and demonstrate potential cloud solutions.

Included with this phase is a review of the recommended technology and approach, optional prototyping, and time and cost to complete.

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