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Prolucid awarded AIA Certified System Integrator Designation

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TORONTO, Ontario – May 25, 2017 – Prolucid Technologies Inc. (Prolucid), a Toronto-based software and systems integration company, with extensive expertise in embedded applications, vision inspection and complex system design, today announced that they have been accredited as an AIA Certified System Integrator.  Based on an industry leading set of requirements and successful validated track record of vision projects, the AIA Certified System Integrator Program recognizes companies that have demonstrated a high degree of skillfulness in advanced vision applications. AIA Certified System Integrators facilitate constructive and lucrative experiences using vision and imaging systems, and Prolucid is one of four companies in Canada, and thirteen globally, with this designation.

With years of substantiated experience in various industries, multiple Advanced Certified Vision Professional employees, and successful achievement in many vision integration projects, Prolucid has effectively demonstrated the qualifications and capabilities required to become an AIA Certified System Integrator.  As a Certified System Integrator, Prolucid determines the right vision system that is necessary based on individual needs.  Prolucid places a strong emphasis on the training and certification of their technical team to ensure that systems function in a highly efficient manner with the most suitable technology.

In addition to being an AIA Certified System Integrator, Prolucid’s capabilities with machine vision, machine learning, and big data combined with customizable devicestream™ product for connected applications has been instrumental in helping organizations solve existing real problems, understand and implement predictive maintenance and analytics, and helping them to be competitive in this ever-growing connected, digital world.  “This designation is a reflection of our significant investment in becoming a centre of excellence in the advanced vision and imaging space.” said Darcy Bachert CEO of Prolucid. “We look forward to continued growth in the vision and inspection field as the partner of choice in delivering complex distributed, vision and cloud enabled applications, and utilizing machine learning and other big data techniques to provide intelligence and advanced analytics.“

About AIA
Founded in 1984 to advance the understanding and use of imaging and vision technologies and to drive global expansion and growth through education and promotion, AIA now represents some 360 vision suppliers, system integrators, users, researchers, and consulting firms from 36 countries. AIA is best known for The Vision Show (April 10-12, 2018 in Boston); vision and imaging standards such as GigE Vision®, Camera Link®, Camera Link HS™ and USB3 Vision™; the Automate Show (April 8-11, 2019 in Chicago); the annual A3 Business Forum (January 17-19, 2018 in Orlando); the Certified Vision Professional program; AIA Certified System Integrator company program; and Vision Online, the world’s leading online resource for vision information.

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