devicestream™ – get more value from your devices

Enabling a secure, remotely managed, insightful device network

devicestream™ enables companies to simplify the management of their connected devices, including software updates, remote service and support, device usage and tracking, real-time data access, data analytics, and overall connectivity.

devicestream™ is easily customized for the specific application, and ensures connected devices are properly protected through enterprise grade security with threat response and traceability, defending against potential data breaches or cyber threats.

By being connected, Prolucid also enables device companies to access their data, and utilize machine learning and other big data techniques to provide intelligence and predictive analytics.

devicestream™ accelerates your time to market by solving complex technology challenges including connectivity, security, scalability, and infrastructure automation, allowing you to easily integrate custom analytics and create powerful visualizations of real-time system data through web and mobile user interfaces.


Easily customize for any application including integration with limitless devices or systems, custom analytics and storage and powerful modern web and mobile interface development.

Platform Agnostic

Deploy to public or private infrastructure to meet operational or regional restrictions.  devicestream works with any public cloud provider including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and IBM BlueMix.  devicestream allows for simple migration between providers and can be deployed on-site using your own servers.


Enterprise grade security including encryption and authentication, simplify regulatory compliance and ensure peace of mind for protection of critical operational and customer data.

Distributed Analytics & Processing

Flexible distributed architecture enables analytics across a fully redundant, clustered environment to optimize data throughout, availability and response times. Support for a wide variety of protocols for device integration and REST API for custom UI development and third party data integration.

Event Driven & Real-Time

devicestream is specifically designed for real-time streams and event based data to perform monitoring and control. Enable real-time messaging from device to browser with built in quality-of-service.


Start small and grow big.  devicestream allows you to start with a single server and scale to massive distributed infrastructure as your business grows.

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