Software that securely connects and manages devices

Connecting devices in field is expensive, risky and requires extreme specialization

devicelinq is a turn-key, easy to use solution for companies to securely connect and manage device software, firmware and configuration updates. Traceability and insights into emergent device problems are provided with remote diagnostics, audit logs, and error reporting. devicelinq can be used on its own, or bundled with devicestak and devicestream to bring real-time device data to the cloud.

Cut Costs
Eliminate development, support, and travel costs associated with managing your devices.

Minimize Risk
Limit liability from breaches with threat detection, response and recovery; HIPAA compliant.

Respond Real-Time
View device states, prevent product recalls, and deploy updates with detailed audit logs.

“Devicelinq saves us time and money, and helps us avoid the risk associated with managing our devices as we grow. Our resources are now free to focus on our core product, which restores upper limb function in disabled patients.”

Dr. Milos Popovich, CEO, MyndTec.

How it Works

> Devicelinq works with Linux, Windows and other popular device operating systems.

> Securely connect devices in a SIM, WiFi or hardwired network.

> Remotely manage configurations, firmware/software updates, compliance and security issues.

> Control when and how devices connect and transmit.

> Meet your data needs and minimize transmission costs.

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PKI-based digital and root certificates are securely managed, and automatically expired and generated.


Every transaction is recorded and actionable for rollbacks, analysis, reporting, and compliance in regulated environments.


Works with any hardware or operating system and can be deployed in any cloud or on premises. A single, intuitive web interface manages multiple device types across all technologies, connected via WIFI, SIM or hardwire. Tagging allows managers to group devices flexibly and deploy updates globally, by type, version, location, customer or other criteria.


Enterprise grade infrastructure supports management of an unlimited number of devices, through a single point of control, with 99.99% uptime. Capable of supporting unlimited devices, with tolerance to connection failures, occasionally connected devices, and network disruptions.

Easy to Use

An intuitive interface makes devicelinq easy-to-use for businesses with limited IT resources. Administrators easily manage users, rules, and deployments using a convenient point-and-click, web-based interface.


A RESTful API provide seamless, easy integration to manufacturing, sales and inventory applications. Real-time stream information enables responsive integration to most enterprise applications.

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