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Open-sourcing a F# Cloud Stack – Cloud-Scale F# (Open Source ♥)

More than two years ago Prolucid Technologies Inc. (Prolucid) set out to identify and develop the infrastructure required to support Cloud connectivity for all of our Internet of Things projects.

Right from the beginning, we knew that we wanted all of our dependencies to be open-source, in order to foster collaboration. “given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow” a man once said, but the power of the peer review goes beyond finding bugs, it’s also a way to identify the right problems and the correct abstractions to model and solve them.

We’ve been actively open-sourcing our own code and over the next few weeks we’ll share a few more essential platform pieces that let us conveniently access Cassandra and RabbitMQ from F#. We’ll also release the components and samples for FsShelter that, when put together, let us build robust and scalable solutions with Apache Storm in F#.

We will continue to develop and support our project platform, but now with more of it out in the open we hope you find it educational and maybe even useful.We look forward to receiving input and feedback from the community. Of course, for any companies that need it: we also offer hosted solutions and commercial support.

Today we’re excited to announce beta availability of FsCassy: A functional F# API for Cassandra . Please check it out and let us know what you think!