Medical Devices

What We Do

We help create custom software applications for customers in the medical device industry including embedded product development, commercial user interface design, and cloud connected applications for remote device and data management, integration, and analytics.

Embedded Product Development

Software commercialization and embedded product development, including hardware platform selection, application design and architecture, through to development, integration, and testing.

User Interface & Applications

Build powerful medical grade user interfaces including desktop, web, and mobile applications, designed specifically with the end user in mind.

Cloud Connected Applications

Build and maintain secure medical grade, cloud connected applications, including integration of data, devices, and systems with cloud & big data applications running on private or public cloud infrastructure.

How It Works

Every application is different and Prolucid’s expertise helps ensure that the right approach, technology, and final solution are integrated to deliver a solution that works.

Regulatory Approach

We start by defining the regulatory approach including integration of IEC-62304 for all medical device development, and help advise on best practices for security, patient privacy and other regulatory concerns.

Custom Application Development

Next we help implement the custom embedded, user interface, or cloud connected applications that meets your specific project requirements.

Managed Services & Infrastructure

Save costs by letting Prolucid manage ongoing support including hosting, security, scalability, product enhancements, and maintenance including 24/7 support on both private or public infrastructure.

Project Examples

Medical Embedded Development

Embedded Development and Commercialization of Laboratory Mass Spectrometer

Medical Device Commercialization

MyndMove Medical Device Software Commercialization Including Embedded, User Interface, and Cloud Connectivity

Connected Medical Device

Cloud Connected Medical Device Including Remote Management, Data Integration,
and Real-Time Usage Tracking

Get Started

We start by executing a discovery or proof of concept phase to better understand the customer and project requirements, and demonstrate potential hardware or software solutions.

Included with this phase is a review of the recommended technology and approach, optional prototyping, and time and cost to complete.

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