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Prolucid announces the ecoEnergy Public Final Report

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The ecoEnergy Innovation initiative provided an opportunity for multiple stakeholders (government, industry, corporate, technology providers, infrastructure providers) to collaborate with a common goal to drive greater distribution, and operating efficiency in the hydro system. Utilities are faced with the challenge of creating a modern, connected grid that incorporates aging assets and disparate, disconnected systems and devices, in an age where connected systems create significant cyber security risk.

Prolucid proposed an embedded software solution to enable efficient, secure real-time monitoring, data integration and management of assets to support grid modernization and permit the integration of distributed generation capacity beyond existing limits. Part of this objective included developing an understanding of the impact of NERC CIP version 5 standards from a technology perspective and incorporating the applicable requirements into the solution to simplify conformance for utilities.

Check out the reports below in both English and Français to learn more.

English –

Download “Prolucid-ecoEnergy-Public-Final-EN.pdf” Prolucid-ecoEnergy-Public-Final-EN.pdf – Downloaded 79 times – 453 KB

Français –

Download “Prolucid-ecoEnergy-Public-Final-FR.pdf” Prolucid-ecoEnergy-Public-Final-FR.pdf – Downloaded 41 times – 577 KB