Passionate about software engineering and product commercialization

At Prolucid, we are excited about software engineering and product commercialization. We specialize in complex mission critical embedded systems, application development and feature rich, cloud connected systems. Our experience in regulated industries combined with our proven approach guarantees results for our customers.

We deliver solutions to customers in markets ranging from Medical Devices, Aerospace & Defence, Nuclear & Energy, Transportation and Advanced Manufacturing.

Founded in 2008, located in Mississauga, Ontario

What Makes Us Different?


We work with technology that enables rapid design, deployment, and validation. We are constantly learning, prototyping and pushing the limits with technology to tackle more and more challenging applications.


Every member of our team plays a role in the success of Prolucid. This responsibility is evident in all of the work that we do. Having a positive, open and collaborative culture is paramount, resulting in a work environment that is engaging and rewarding.


We are a group of innovators who are constantly working to develop new technologies and methodologies to solve real world problems. Working on interesting, complex projects motivates us.


Our proven process is designed to ensure accuracy, quality, and that we meet the business goals of our company and our customers.

We Work With Innovative Customers