Why agile development?

Agile development accelerates the delivery of initial business value through a cycle of continuous planning and feedback.  Teams are then able to prioritize ongoing development tasks based on the customers business needs, easily adapting to changing requirements throughout the process.

This collective approach helps to reduce development costs and time to market by reducing wasted effort and ensures the highest business value features are delivered to customers in the shortest amount of time.

Agile process


The discovery phase is the first step in our agile development process and helps customers gain a comprehensive understanding of what the project involves prior to fully committing.

Our discovery phase starts by understanding your goals and project objectives, and then working together to create an initial product backlog and development plan to complete.

This is an important first step to answer very common customer questions including – how much will it cost, how long will it take, and how do we work together to complete the development.

Agile Development Process

After the discovery phase we begin project execution using an agile development approach.  This includes a series of 2-3 week development sprints in an iterative process to give you control of what gets done when, and embraces changing requirements as the project progresses.

Agile release cycle
Agile swimlanes


Each sprint starts with a planning session where you prioritize what features will be worked on next.


Sprint execution is a dynamic process where on a daily basis we review what was worked on the previous day, what will be worked on today and any issues or questions blocking progress.  Our customers are engaged in the process to provide clarity on features and see progress in real time.


At the end of each sprint we provide you with a demo of work completed.  This provides an open forum to build a shared vision, discuss your changing needs, and help prioritize work for the next sprint.


After each demo, our customer decides if enough features have been completed to be ready for release. This allows a product to get to market fast and development of new features and releases can continue.

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