Why Prolucid?

Our unique combination of products, approach, and expertise has helped us successfully deliver hundreds of mission critical projects, for startups, SME’s, and some of the world’s largest brands.


Our devicestream™ product helps companies looking to minimize the cost, risk, and complexity of building and maintaining commercial grade cloud connected Industrial IoT applications.


Securely connect and manage sensors, devices, and systems with cloud & big data applications and infrastructure.


Build powerful, customized, data storage, advanced analytics, and commercial grade web and mobile user interfaces.


Simplify ongoing maintenance, including hosting, security, scalability, updates, and support, as part of comprehensive managed services.


Our agile development approach has been perfected on over 150,000 hours of work on over 300 projects. We work collaboratively, helping customers solve complex problems with a combination of hardware, software, tools, and infrastructure.


We work with you to really understand your challenges, needs, constraints, criteria for success, and how to collaborate effectively.


Our agile development approach provides fast results, an iterative feedback loop, and the flexibility to adapt to changes.


Our products provide a framework that simplify development, and allow us to build faster, cut costs, and reduce your risks.


We help customers build vision & inspection, test & measurement, embedded & control, and cloud connected Industrial IoT applications. We also provide tools and services to apply machine learning and advanced analytics on collected data to drive ongoing continuous improvements, making products and processes more intelligent over time.

Join the 100+ businesses that chose Prolucid to build connected, automated, intelligent, devices and systems.

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