We help build custom vision applications including inspection, diagnostic, and advanced imaging

Create Powerful Imaging & Inspection Systems

Prolucid helps customers develop custom imaging and vision inspection solutions, including product development, component and surface inspection, and non-destructive examination, among others.

Embedded, FPGA & Low Power

Deploy image acquisition and processing to low power embedded targets, including FPGA and real-time processors.

High-Speed & High-Performance

Integrate GPUs and distributed computing to tackle high-speed and high-throughput applications.

Flexible Imaging Technologies

Utilize a wide variety of imaging technology, including standard imaging, ultrasonic, infrared, 3-D, and multispectral, among others.

How It Works

Every application is different and Prolucid helps ensure that the right imaging technology, imaging hardware, processing platforms, tools, and custom software implementation are integrated to deliver solutions that work.

Imaging Hardware Selection

We work with a large variety of camera, lens, and lighting suppliers to ensure the selected components meet the overall application requirements.

Hardware Platform Support

The next step is to select a computer platform for acquisition and processing, from low-power embedded and FPGA devices to high-power GPU and server systems.

Custom Analytics & Machine Learning

Enhance vision system capabilities with advanced analytics and machine learning integration that help increase performance over time.

Get Started

We start by executing a discovery or proof of concept phase to better understand the project requirements, and demonstrate potential hardware and software solutions. Included with this phase is a review of the technology options and approach, optional simulated lab setup to de-risk critical items, and time and cost to complete.

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