We build automation and integration applications that span test, inspection and advanced control

Custom Automation and Integration

Automation and integration development incorporates software written to interface with devices and systems to acquire data, process and then make important decisions based on defined criteria.

Prolucid’s deep expertise in automation and integration solutions ensures that we can tackle the most complex applications.  Our ability to rapidly prototype and utilize industry standard development modules helps to accelerate development, while targeting the right hardware for the application.

We start by taking the time to thoroughly understand your application requirements and functionality including speed, accuracy, operating conditions and environment. We then help select components, implement necessary pre-processing, and finally build the necessary logic for success.

Prolucid designs, develops and deploys automation and integration applications including:

  • Automated Test and Measurement
  • Inspection and Manufacturing Automation
  • Data Acquisition and Control
  • Control Systems and Remote Monitoring Applications
  • Distributed Control and Autonomous Operation

Systems Integration is engineering a solution that brings together multiple sub-systems into one cooperating system to achieve the overall needed functionality.  This can involve both hardware and software, off the shelf components like National Instruments’ cRIO Daq and LabVIEW or custom applications, hardware and other software, including open source.