Helping you securely connect and manage, a more intelligent medical device network.

Connecting devices in field is expensive, risky and requires extreme specialization.

Whether you’re a startup commercializing a device, an established SME, or a multi-national with multiple products and thousands of units sold, we take the cost, complexity and risk out of managing your deployed device network.

We provide affordable, scalable, turnkey solutions to common challenges like remote support, field firmware and configuration management, connecting and exchanging data with disparate systems, and cloud data collection and analysis.

Our goal is to help medical device companies securely connect, automate, and create intelligent devices and health IT products that respond real-time, and deliver better healthcare.

Out of the box or customized, we can do it all.

Our intuitive user interfaces, and minimal design standards, mean our products are easy to use, even for businesses with little in-house IT capability.

For those with larger development teams; our products provide a foundation for building custom applications and services.

In either case, we’ll accelerate development, minimize costs, and de-risk regulatory and compliance processes.

We’ll help you meet your project goals faster, cheaper and without complication.

Contact us to discuss your unique situation and needs.

Why Prolucid?


Our team has collectively delivered 150,000 hours of work, on 300 projects across 10 industries. We’ve written over 2 million lines of code, built 25 connected devices, and provided solutions to 5 connected healthcare clients.

We’ve worked with big brands, large utilities, and startups; big budgets, small budgets and those in between.

Our expertise is in solving complex device problems that require connectivity, automation and intelligence. We’re naturally drawn to connected healthcare because of the good it can do, and the enormous challenges it presents. We believe, the fun’s just starting.



Our team has built world class products from experience gained working on many embedded development and connected healthcare solutions.

Our knowledge of the medical device development process, industry, and regulatory/compliance standards ensure your project goes live, without an issue.

Our products and custom apps are developed according to the IEC 62304 Medical Software Life Cycle Process. We also ensure regional compliance (as required), and work openly with third parties to ensure project success.

We understand and can help you quickly overcome the unique challenges facing healthcare IT companies.


We’ve worked some of the largest and most innovative brands in the world; Siemens, Abbott, PerkinElmer, Teledyne Dalsa, Thales, OPG and Magna. We’ve also worked with young, progressive companies pushing the health-tech envelope; Quantum Dental, MyndTec, Chipcare and MDDT.

Our work includes developing Smartgrid technology for Toronto Hydro, helping MyndTec to commercialize an advanced, non-invasive functional electrical stimulation (FES) therapeutic device for those affected by arm and hand paralysis, and a vision inspection solution for lattice tube bores in a nuclear reactor.

We’re not rocket scientists, but we’re as close as they come.

Project Examples

Quantum Dental Technologies

MyndTec Inc.

Our Customers
From Our Customers

“As a small company of 10 people, QDT required not just a software developer but a partner who could fuse with our culture, personnel, and values, as well as understand our timelines, financial constraints, and appreciate our sense of urgency.”

Josh Silvertown, VP Corporate Development, Quantum Dental Technologies Inc.

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