Helping you design, develop, and deploy mission critical applications for the energy and utilities industry

What do we do?

Design, development and delivery of a variety of mission critical applications for the Energy and Utilities industries that require software to be developed following a specific regulatory processes.

We work with researchers, power distribution, power generation, nuclear/energy services providers and component manufacturers looking for monitoring, control, inspections or other custom software solutions.

Our Capabilities

  • Early stage integration and collaboration with customers for requirements gathering, technology platform selection and project planning.
  • Software design, development, validation and deployment based on IEC or similar relevant standards for mission critical applications.
  • Application of best practices in security including conformance to NERC-CIP standards.
  • National Instruments expertise for powerful, data acquisition, control and monitoring systems.
  • Proven project management process to ensure efficient execution and clear communication and integration with all project stakeholders.

Project Examples

  • Smart grid connectivity, monitoring and control for distributed generation
  • Smart meter validation bench testing
  • Non-Destructive Examination of fuel channel inspection in Nuclear reactor
  • Power quality monitoring for power generation switching application including fault detection and logging | Case Study
  • Advanced automated testing and inspection for nuclear component manufacturing process
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