Connected agriculture applications for remote monitoring, distributed control and cloud connectivity

What do we do?

We help build connected agriculture applications including remote monitoring, distributed control and cloud connectivity.  Our technology platform helps us to accelerate your application deployment, but also to scale your system for wide scale, large deployments with a variety of connectivity options: satelite, wifi, cellular, zigbee all for your ease of use on remote applications either for desktop or mobile platforms.

Our Capabilities

  • Early stage integration and collaboration with customers for requirements gathering, technology platform selection and project planning.
  • Software design, development, validation and deployment based for early stage agricultural system prototypes or production ready operating environments.
  • Deep expertise in embedded systems for automation and control, perfect for high tech agricultural equipment and control systems.
  • Experience and expertise in vision inspection systems to extend your automated measurements with high end quality inspection.
  • National Instruments expertise for powerful, data acquisition, simulation, control and monitoring systems.
  • Our approach and expertise quick-starts and accelerates development saving time and money while ensure efficient execution and clear communication with stakeholders.

Project Examples

  • Data collection, monitoring, processing and control for commodities
  • Automated heating, drying and venting systems
  • Food process control with innovative automated grilling system
Our Customers