Resizable UIs in LabVIEW

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When the UI pops up on new software I can almost immediately determine if it's a LabVIEW application or not. Why are LabVIEW user interfaces so easy to spot (aside from my familiarity with the common controls/indicators)? LabVIEW UI’s won’t resize! There seems to be a general opinion that in LabVIEW it isn’t easy or worthwhile to design a nicely laid out, resizable UI. There isn’t a lot of example material or documentation available, but it’s really quite simple to accomplish. Resizable UI’s give a great feel to clients and give your software added professionalism at very little cost to...
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Correcting Binning Artifacts in LabVIEW Using Signal Processing

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I recently worked on an undersea inspection project to capture images of marine equipment using GigE cameras and LabVIEW. To get an idea of what was being photographed, a live feed of preview photos were taken with low resolution. This ensured that the preview ran fast enough to appear smooth making objects distinguishable before switching to full resolution. Our preview mode was able to run at 30 frames per second, while the full resolution snaps could only run only run at about 1.3 frames per second. The GigE camera I used supports a feature called binning to lower the resolution...
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