Why Prolucid?

Prolucid empowers customers to take their idea, project, or prototype and make it a reality. We believe in sharing information, advising on best practices, and using our framework, approach, and expertise to help create customer success.

Prolucid - We Help You Build Solutions

Our framework

E2C provides an industrial grade framework that minimizes the time and complexity to build your custom connected solution.

E2C Configure

Remotely manage, monitor, and update your devices

E2C Cloud

Build powerful, custom cloud connected solutions

E2C Edge

Secure industrial protocol support and cloud connectivity for your products

Our approach

Whether you are starting with an existing device or just an idea, our agile development approach breaks down complex problems and makes them simple.


We believe in a discovery phase to understand your application and criteria for success


We take an agile development approach to give you control to prioritize tasks and adapt to your evolving market


We take a framework approach to reduce risk and help build your custom connected solution faster

Our expertise

Our deep expertise in custom software development for embedded, vision, and cloud enables building complex, mission critical, and connected applications


Rapidly prototype and deploy powerful embedded applications for sensors, devices, and systems


Image acquisition and processing for inspection, diagnostic, and advanced imaging applications


Custom cloud analytics, storage, web and mobile integration

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August 29, 2016

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